Our Vision

Our vision for the Westlink family is being a community of Jesus’ disciples who are fully connected to God and others, who are continuously growing in Him and who are involved in loving acts of service.


Our goal is to be a family where people have an opportunity to better connect with God, fellow believers and with all humans.

Connection with God:

We respect each individual’s personal call and journey of faith and we recognize that everyone is not at the same place at the same time on the journey.  Our desire is to see everyone move closer in connection with God, no matter where a person might be in the journey of faith,  by providing teaching, prayer, praise and a community centered in Jesus Christ through the power of the Holy Spirit.

Connection with Believers:

The first account of humanity in the Bible tells us “it is not good that a person be alone” (Genesis 2:18).  We were made to be connected to others.  When Jesus was on earth he was not a loner; he formed a community of disciples and they followed his lead of community living.  The Bible calls this community of believers, church.  Our desire as Jesus’ church is to see his disciples find a place where they are accepted and are involved in the each other’s lives through planned fellowships, small group participation, home groups, Wednesday night meals together and through various other activities (planned and spontaneous).

Connection with All People:

We understand that all humans are “made in the image of God.”  Being a part of humanity is to be connected to one another.  The Bible tells us that God’s desire is for all humans to live in peace and harmony with one another.  Our desire is to be a group of disciples who connect to those not a part of our group by emphasizing the worth of each person alive, by putting out “the welcome mat” for all who visit us, by encouraging every member to be “good Samaritans” in the daily walk of life, by serving alongside people from all walks of life as opportunities arise and by opening our building to various community occasions and events.



Our goal as an organized church is to be a place which God uses to bring growth spiritually and numerically.


The Bible’s primary concern for people is spiritual growth.  The simplest definition of spiritual growth for the disciple of Jesus might be, “to grow up in all things to be like Christ.”  Paul the apostle, The one who wrote most of our New Testament, says that it is God through the Holy Spirit who gives us growth and there are three indicators that show how well a church is growing: faith, hope and love.  Our desire is to see people increase in their faith, hope and love by providing faith filled teachings, by highlighting the resurrection power of Jesus as our ultimate hope in this life and life to come, by offering ways to tangibly show our love to God, each other and all humans and to remain open to the presence of the Holy Spirit and his guidance.


Acts, in the Bible, is a record of the early church and tells us that the number of disciples kept increasing as they shared the good news of Jesus.  The increase continues to this day.  Acts also tells us that God is also in charge of numerical growth because it is he that adds people to his church.  Our intentions as a church family is to be a group who trust God with the actual numbers as we faithfully share the good news of God’s love to all the people He brings us by telling the good news of Jesus publicly and with individuals, by having an active children’s ministry learning about God and Jesus, by grounding young people in the love of Jesus in their teen years, by extending hospitality to guests and by seeking to find of place of belonging for all who desire to be with us. 



Our goal as followers of Jesus is to be a group of people who continually serve each other’s needs and keep increasing our ministry to the needs of those in our city. 


One of the authors of the New Testament, Matthew, records Jesus as saying, “If you want to be great, you must serve all the others. And if you want to be first, you must be a servant to the rest. I did not come to be a slave master so I could be served by everyone but I came to be the one who serves everyone and to give my life as a sacrifice for others.”  At the core of being a Christian is the life of service.  Our desire is to see each person become a person with the heart of service who sees sacrificial serving as being most like God by keeping members aware of ways to serve the family from kitchen help, to greeting, to nursery work, to building maintenance, to youth ministry sponsorship, to feeding shut-ins, to helping a member move furniture and to an ongoing lists of needs. 


The first four books of the New Testament show us that Jesus not only served his close family, friends and followers, he also in some way served anyone and everyone, even his enemies.  Our desire as a church is to go beyond our walls and be those who serve all people by providing food and clothing for those in need in our city through services like SIMPLE House, by helping support work to the homeless, by serving at places like Lord’s Diner, by taking up special contributions for victims of tornados, fire or other tragedies, by sending people to physically help victims and through many other means and opportunities to serve.