We have a Shepherding Team and various Ministry Leaders which are dedicated to helping you with your needs. Whether you simply need a message passed on to others, a question answered, or you are in the middle of one of life’s crises, we stand ready and willing to help you in any way that we can.


Westlink currently has six men serving as the congregation’s Shepherds. Our shepherds have the oversight of the needs of the Westlink church. Shepherds are also called pators, elders, bishops, or overseers in the English translations of Scriptures. Elders and Shepherds are the main two terms we use at Westlink to describe the role of these leaders. As shepherds they serve to guide the spiritual direction and welfare of the Westlink flock. As elders they serve to oversee the financial and organizational responsibilities of our church family.


Dan Boggs

Eric Brazill

Don Butler

Russel Lewis

Rick Loney

Mark Rehwinkel


Ministry Leaders

Westlink’s Ministry Leaders (who serve in the rolls as deacon and/or deaconess as seen in the New Testament) lead the way in serving the many various needs of the Westlink congregation. 

Chuck Miller - Finance/Treasurer

Chris Kolar - Assembly Service Arrangements

Dwayne O’Neal - Building Maintenance

Danita Loney - Missions Chairperson

Teresa Lewis - Women’s Ministry Coordinator

Amber Sims - Wedding Coordinator

Josh Sims - Missions Treasurer