Faith, the Final Frontier is our teaching theme for 2019.



You might be a person who admits there are a number of things that have no known human explanation and so you decide there must be some other unseen (spiritual) being or beings.  You may even believe in the God revealed in the Bible.  You may have been shown evidence there was a historical person named Jesus and come to accept that as fact.  You might conclude Jesus lived, died, and was raised from the dead as all true realities which means Jesus is the chosen one of God to save us. All of that constitutes belief.

Is that it? Do we stop there with belief? Can there be a greater experience from belief than simply agreeing that information is true? Can there be more to faith than waiting to see if you go to Heaven when you die?

The four writers of the gospel, and the whole Bible for that matter, think there is much more to your faith than a confession something is factual.  Your faith can move you into places and events in this life that are amazing…you might even say, “Unbelievable!” 

Come join us at 10AM on Sundays this fall as we explore the ramifications of “Your Faith”.


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